Right at the inception of Bloom, lurked the urge of being socially accountable. While the market pooh-poohed the concept, we had an insatiable conscience. We watered the idea and let it gather wings.


While the world coined the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” and got busy planting trees and donating to charities, we envisaged to go a bit further.

Going green and beyond!

Bloom believes that charity begins at home and we want our human capital to be the biggest benefactors. At the heart of this endeavour lies our belief in placing Retention over Recruitment. Bringing unprecedented calmness and financial stability to our workforce.


A long awaited continuation of the prelude, a brand new collection with the same values.

Elegant and contemporary, yet reminiscent of the classic. Authentic wood-grains offer immense warmth and satisfaction. Interiors of today demand a fresh look, where one’s eye is always in search of the not-so-seen.

URBAWUD collection intends to address this need, to assist designers create contemporary interiors for the existing urban lifestyle and tastes.

Bloom Dekor is proud to present this special range of Laminates that also include improvised colour tones of authentic wood-grains.