Advantages of Bloom Dekor’s Marker Grade Laminate

Marker grade laminates are rapidly replacing traditional whiteboards in educational institutions and corporate environments because they are a cost-effective option.

Furthermore, marker grade laminates are more durable than typical whiteboards, explaining their growing popularity in commercial and institutional settings.

Bloom Dekor’s marker board laminate is highly resistant to external influences such as dampness, severe temperatures, and scratches and have an easy-to-clean surface.

Bloom Dekor is India’s top laminated marker board producer and supplier, with the ability to export a wide range of market grade laminates to nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and other countries.

Benefits of Marker Grade Laminates

laminated marker board is an update to classic written and useable surfaces, combining aesthetics and utility to perfection. Rather than being set on top of wall paneling, marker boards and tack boards can be blended into the wall surface for a sleek, uniform aesthetic. Consider it a wall that works with and for you in classrooms and boardrooms.

Below are some benefits of marker board laminate.

Simple to Clean and Maintain

Marker-grade laminates are made from decorative surface sheets coated with melamine resin and wiped clean with no ghosting. Simply wipe them with a towel to get a bright, clean surface. Furthermore, our marker board laminates are made with a synthetic polymer that increases durability and makes dry and wet erase markings easier to clean.

External Factors Resistant

Marker Laminate Collection is made from laminated kraft paper, resistant to moisture, severe temperatures, and scratches. Our marker grade laminates endure longer in business environments and schools than traditional boards, which explains why people prefer them to conventional alternatives.

Can Be Used in Several Applications

Greenlam market board laminates are a popular choice for commercial areas that require a surface for utilizing markers. They are constructed to withstand external conditions and are simple to clean, making them popular for conference rooms, auditoriums, schools, universities, and other institutions. Marker-grade laminates are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and open bars, which are utilized for advertising special deals and discounts.

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While traditional blackboards and whiteboards were formerly popular, markerboard laminates are increasingly taking over as a stable, long-lasting, and smooth writing surface for all purposes.

A marker board laminates may improve productivity, cooperation, and teamwork in any setting, including schools and offices. The marker grade laminate from BloomDekor is made of a unique synthetic polymer that allows for simple cleaning of dry and wet erase markings, anti-ghosting, smooth writing, and long life.

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