Advantages of Color Core Laminates

Laminates are a preferred choice for most people. Even in commercial spaces, they are hugely popular because of their free and easy to maintain feature. Apart from this, price factor, durability, looks and long-lasting attributes also attracts the consumers to go for it. It is made with highly durable material so that it can perform in different conditions.

The laminate is a product of a unique state-of-the-art continuous process called Polyfusion. These laminates are produced for retail shops, cabinets, desktop, countertops, shelving and many other types of spaces.

There are different types of laminates available in the market, like compact laminates, high-pressure laminates, low-pressure laminates, interior grade laminates, exterior grade laminates, cabinet lines laminates, color core laminates, marker grade laminates, postforming laminates and chalk grade laminates. Each lamination has its own benefits and usage. In this blog, you will get to know what is color core laminates, what are the advantages of it and many other useful details.

Color core laminate

Color core laminate

In color core laminate, the decor paper is put throughout the sheet which means if the upper layer of the laminate is damaged/torn then the inner layers take its place. Some of the other striking features include:

1. The decor which is put on the sheet does not have a cut. The continuous color on the surface removes the dark lines which the conventional laminates have.

2. It gives a seamless look and diminishes the visual impact of scratches and dents, if any.

Due to its solid color throughout the laminate, Color Core Laminate sheet is suitable for areas in which there is heavy traffic, residential & commercial areas like shop counters, reception desks, sharp edging furniture and other things.

Advantages of using Color Core laminate

There are several advantages of using the Color Core laminate.

1. It comes with environmental and health protection as no formaldehyde and other harmful gas released during the making.

2. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, mould proof, and antibacterial because of the thermosetting resin which is used while making it so that it is not affected by damp environment, weather or corrosion. The product can be used in highly humid, and acid-base resistant environment seamlessly.

3. It is resistant to chemical cleaners, juice, and dyes, and will not affect the material surface.

4. Color Core laminates come with a scratch-resistant surface which is approved according to BSEN438-2 / 91. So, it can be easily used in office, school, or hospital.

5. Impact resistance and also have a good bending strength.

6. It is fire resistance and one can choose the fire protection from two options given. (Grade A and Grade B). When the surface comes in contact with the burning cigarettes the material will not ignite or the decoration will not have any effect.

7. This laminate is radiation protected. Even an X-ray cannot penetrate the surface.

8. It can be easily installed, change, or dismantle. Apart from this, this type of laminate is easy to clean, have a low maintenance cost, and will not absorb dust.

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Why choose BloomDekor for Color Core laminate

Everyone wants to have a smart solution for everything and in the field of decorative laminates, Bloom Dekor is the best in the marketplace which can provide the Color Core laminate. it is India’s leading Color Core laminate suppliers, exporting the wide-ranging premium quality and highly durable color core laminates in more than 24 countries.

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The company is certified for producing high-quality laminates especially designed for the US, Europe and other countries. Bloom Dekor has a wide range of quality color core laminates which are available in different sizes. So, to give a unique touch and class to your favorite area or location always trust Bloom Dekor.

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