Compact Laminates: Uses, Advantages & Types

Laminates are decorative surfacing material made from the kraft paper layers which are glued together under intense pressure and temperatures. In today’s market, there are several modern types of laminates are available such as decorative laminates, anti-bacterial laminates, HD gloss laminates, digital laminates, and chalk-grade laminates, but compact laminates are one of the most affordable, durable, and surfacing materials among all.

Compact laminates are highly durable, low in maintenance, and a go-to product for the most demanding professional interior and external joinery environments. These laminates are impervious to water and delivers outstanding impact, stain, and wear resistance, along with excellent hygienic properties.

We can use compact laminates in moist areas, such as bathrooms, changing rooms, and sanitary rooms. And because of their several capabilities, durability, and elegant look, these laminates are the first choice in any commercial setup. Apart from this, these laminates typically have a vast usage in railway compartments, switchboards, washroom partition/lockers, etc.

The glossy surface of the material is washable by gently wiping with a silken cloth, dampened with plain water, or a household detergent mix to remove all common household spills. For more indelible stains use a mild household cleaning spray. Apart from these, there are several other benefits:

1. Visually elegant

2. Highly durable

3. No edge finishing required

4. Chemical, bases, solvents resistant

5. Moisture resistant

6. Resistant to chemicals

When we compare the other laminates with the compact laminates, the latter seems to overpower the other laminates because of the structure and manufacturing process. Laminates usually have two or three Kraft paper layers in their base but compact laminates require over three to four Kraft paper sheets to achieve the finished thickness. Manufacturers then pressed together decorative paper and protective overlay papers over it to achieve the quality outcome.

These laminates are also pressed together with decorative paper and protective overlay papers on both sides.

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We can categorize compact laminates into eight categories.

Compact Laminates

1. Exterior Grade Cladding

We employ this in outdoor settings as they naturally bring added colors to the place and can adequately handle all possible kinds of weather.

2. Interior Grade Cladding

In this category, there is a vast variety of uniform colors. Several looks, such as wood looks, mineral effects can be obtained. We mostly placed interior Grade Cladding in the interior setup. It comes with anti-bacterial protection.

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3. Lab Guardian

Lab Guardian is specially developed for the labs where chemical experiments are performed. It is made of EBC acrylic resins which are chemical, bases, and solvents resistant.

4. Standard Compact Board

This compact board is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is easy to assemble, and no edging or adhesive is required.

5. Reflection Compact

It is of higher print quality as compared to others. It accurately delivers a single-liner structure in over one sheet, breaking no patterns.

6. Unicore Compact

This compact produces a unique finish to the surface because of its scratch resistance feature. It also comes with anti-bacterial protection.

7. Sandwich Compact

This compact possesses self-supporting properties with much greater dimensional stability and flatness. One can maintain unique colored patterns over the edges.

8. Cubicles Solutions

We mostly use cubicle solutions in public places and heavy traffic areas. These sheets can also handle excessive moisture and humid conditions. They are fire-resistant too.

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Manufacturers of Compact Laminates

Compact laminates are one of the best laminates and can be used on almost all surfaces. Because of the excellent quality and finishing, these laminates are being used in other countries too. When we talk about quality, Bloom Dekor is the best marketplace for compact laminate, as they are the leading suppliers and manufacturers in India. The company manufactures several laminates. Bloom Dekor exports over 24 countries including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and other European countries. The company is ISO certified to manufacture compact grade laminate, boards, sheets, and other laminates.

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