Enhance Your Home with Bloom’s Exterior grade Laminates and Flooring

When someone comes to see you, the first thing they notice is your home. Your home is one of the few places where you can make a positive, long-lasting impression.

Decorating and beautifying your home, whether you’re having a house party or an office meal, is crucial and a big part of the hospitality you provide. Your home is your sanctuary, and beautifying it entails improving the interiors and the outer appearance. Exterior grade laminates are crucial to enhance the appearance of your exteriors and give them strength and longevity.

What are Exterior Laminates?

Exterior laminates, also known as exterior grade laminates, are high-pressure decorative laminate sheets developed explicitly for external applications such as wall claddings, façade claddings, and more.

Exterior laminates are a type of dry cladding material used to embellish the exteriors of buildings such as offices, high-rises, houses, hospitals, and shopping malls.

It’s built from a combination of kraft paper and decorative paper, and it’s perfect for outdoor use. It is given a unique treatment with double hardened resins to make it weather resistant during the manufacturing process.

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a) Stability and Longevity

The papers are impregnated with a proprietary double-hardened resin that ensures their long-term resilience during manufacture. The core’s uniformity provides high pull-out strength and impact resistance in composition and density. It is resistant to denting and wrinkling due to this, making it perfect for outdoor use.

b) System of Ventilated Facades

The Ventilated Facade System approach creates a space between the wall and the cladding product lining, acting as a thermal barrier by giving a layer of air cushion. The building’s energy efficiency is improved through a ventilated façade system.

c) Self-Sufficiency

Exterior laminates are self-supporting and don’t need any additional support.

d) Flame-Resistant

EN 438 Class 1 and ASTM E84 Class A certifications ensure that these panels are fire-resistant. This means that your exteriors are protected even in the sad case of a fire.

e) Simple to Use

It comes in various stylish styles and can be dismantled and rebuilt for your convenience.

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3. Fingerprint-Resistant

Decorative Laminates offer universal applicability, making them ideal for schools, hospitals, research labs, and a variety of commercial settings. It meets the highest efficiency, durability, beauty, and safety criteria when it comes to interior design and furnishings.

Bloom Dekor’s decorative Laminates are cost-effective and come with benefits like extended life, great aesthetics, and high performance. They are resistant to both moisture and bacterial development and provide outstanding performance and aesthetics.

Where to Get Best Exterior Grade Laminates?

BloomDekor works as the ideal external solution, providing you with many creative options. They come in various colors, and the applications may be customized to fit your needs. Choose Bloomdekor’s exterior grade laminates and allow our experts to provide you with a comprehensive 360-degree solution backed by our committed technical staff.

BloomDekor is the world’s biggest exterior grade laminates supplier and producer, offering a comprehensive range of high-pressure decorative laminate sheets for wall claddings, facade claddings, and all forms of building structures. Bloom manufactures exterior laminate materials such as board, cladding, wall panels, and flooring sheets for residential and commercial constructions.

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