How to Select Kitchen Laminate: Kitchen Laminate Countertop & Flooring Ideas

Kitchen is one of the most important areas in your house associated with preparing the food items for you. And most of the time ladies spend their quality hours at such places. Hence, making such spaces esthetic and more interesting make you feel more enjoyable while spending the time there.

Wooden laminates are the one the best solution to make your kitchen look more beautiful and attractive even for the outside visitors. But deciding the right laminates for your kitchen is another challenging factor you need to consider seriously with right decision. Hence, today we brought here kitchen laminate flooring ideas with few useful tips to decorate your kitchen with Bloom laminates.


For kitchen you need to be little cautious while choosing the types of laminates. From right texture to colors combination and durability there are such factors, you have to consider while choosing the laminates for your kitchen. Below we have discussed about the best laminates you can pick for your kitchen and various other useful tips to make your kitchen more beautiful.

Laminates with Solid Colors

You can choose Color Core Laminates for your kitchen countertops and cabinets that will give a clean look with a vibrant feel. Laminates with single solid colors or glossy and matte finish can complement each other and add vibrancy to your pantry. Usually, solid colors like blue, yellow, and red are commonly used for kitchen cabinets and countertops in different shapes and sizes.

Interior Grade Laminates

Another best choice to choose the right laminates for your Kitchen is go with interior grade laminates. These laminates are basically framed with inner core of celluloid fibres impregnated with special thermosetting resins. These laminates are very durable and long-lasting for various interior applications and best suitable for the Kitchen and similar spaces.

Fire Retardant Laminates

Kitchen is the place where you need fire to cook your food, and dealing with such risky resources. Hence, to avoid such mishaps fire retardant laminates are also available in the market. These fire resistance laminates are treated with special chemicals and in case of fire breakout these laminates minimize the smoke emissions and even not release any toxic smoke or delays in smoke while rising the temperature of laminates due to fire or extreme heated temperature.

High-Pressure Laminates

At Kitchen surface area there are few heavy items kept putting lots of pressure on the kitchen area. Hence, high pressure laminates would another best option you can go with for making your Kitchen area look well-furnished with such laminates. Apart from extra durability, high pressure laminates also highly resisted with moisture and heat making is best suitable types of laminates of kitchen like area.

Cabinet Liner Laminates

Cabinet liner laminates is another types of laminates can make your cabinetry more attractive and beautiful. Such types of laminates can provide the attractive lining and facing surfacing for shelves, drawers and cabinet doors for your Kitchen. Bloom is making the high-quality cabinet liner laminates for Kitchen and various other spaces need to decorated or well-furnished.

These are few interesting kitchen laminate flooring ideas to make your kitchen more decorative and attractive. And Bloom Dekor is manufacturer and supplier of high-quality laminates with presence in more than 24 countries. It is also making the laminates for Kitchen and various other spaces as per the customize requirements available in different shapes and sizes at competitive prices.

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