Why is Bloom Dekor’s Range of Post Forming Laminates The Best In Class?

Without question, laminates have entirely engulfed the home décor realm. Laminates are multi-layer flooring system that is synthetic. It’s a technique for giving wood (or stone) a photographic appearance while adding a solid coating for toughness. Isn’t this a win-win situation?

There is a slew of reasons why laminate firms are booming in India. Laminates are becoming increasingly popular as a solution to several interior design issues and especially postforming laminates. When it comes to laminates, there’s something for everyone, from restoring outdated computer tables to filling voids in the corridor’s fake ceiling to flooring in the primary bedroom.

Some of the best laminates in India are well-known for being visually beautiful while also being reasonably priced, which is always a consideration considering how costly home renovations can be like post formed plastic laminate sheets. Laminates generally need little to no experience to install, making the process much simpler. They also have a high durability quotient and are simple to maintain for many years.

Post Forming Laminates

The term “post forming” refers to the bending of specially designed laminate grades that can be bent into simple cylindrical concave or convex curves in addition to possessing all of the attributes of standard grade high-pressure laminates. Horizontal rigid, inflexible sheets characterize traditional laminate. Post formed plastic laminate sheets is a somewhat thinner and more flexible laminate than standard laminate.

During the post-forming process, a sheet of laminate is heated to soften the resins in the material, allowing it to bend more freely. Post forming is applying laminates to any substrate with correctly formed edges, then rolling the laminate over the edges to produce a continuous laminate surface.

Where can they be used?

Kitchen countertops and cabinets are increasingly typically constructed using post-forming laminates. Also, these laminates are the way to go if you want to use ironing boards or brick slab tops in your house. Post-forming laminates are somewhat bent in shape due to modern technology and may stay that way for a long time without harming the product’s durability. They may also be utilized with end tables, little side tables in room corners, machine bases, ornamental columns, and a variety of other items.

Advantages of Post-Forming Laminates

The post formed laminate countertops laminates are user-friendly, lightweight, easy to handle, and can be placed anyplace in your home without difficulty. Bloomdekor’s postforming laminates provide far more in terms of quality, texture, patterns, and durability when compared to current laminate firms in India. It is commonly used in various applications since it does not readily scratch and can withstand high pressure and strong stains.

Usually, users torture their laminates by using harsh chemicals, thick pads, and other methods. In the case of Formica sheets, water, and mild liquid soap are required to combat greasiness and stains, making it a more cost-effective option than other laminates in India.


BloomDekor is one of India’s top post-forming laminate providers, offering a wide selection of laminates in attractive patterns for a number of purposes, all of which are produced using cutting-edge technology.

Our post-forming laminates are utilized on surfaces that require no seams and a rolled edge for a smooth and edge-free appearance. Bloomdekor manufactures post-formed laminate sheets in a range of shapes and textures for use in furniture, executive tables, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and desktops, among other services. Our post-formed laminates were created with countertops and cabinets in mind.

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