5 Reasons to Choose Door Laminates for your Residential House

Apart from cabinets, cupboards and other home spaces, interior laminates are also used for making doors. Yes, Door Laminates are making the gateway of your house more interesting. And there are designer door laminates available in the markets designed and developed for different types of building structures to make your home more beautiful.

If you are building a new house door laminates can play a big role in making your house doors not designer but also provides an extra layer of protection to the doors. Hence, before you choose door laminates for your house, you must now the reasons to choose the door laminates for your house.

#1 Easy To Install

The best part of the door laminates are that it is providing a hassle-free installation to your door. Yes you don’t need any extra surface treatment like varnishing making them ready to install on such doors. And once the laminates are installed, it becomes long-lasting for many years. Bloom door laminates are durable and available in different shades.

#2 Low Maintenance

The second most interesting thing about the door laminates are it is easy for the maintenance. Yes laminate doors are especially designed and developed to make free from scratch and stain to ensure a hassle-free maintenance. You don’t need any especial cleaning solution or skills to clean your door laminates manufactured by the Bloom.

#3 Highly Durable

Doors laminates are highly resistance to various external environmental threats like fire, rain water and dust. Interior laminates on doors also protects such system from normal wear and tear. Manufactured with multi-layered construction that offers durability to such laminates. And to make it resistance to external threats, door laminates are made with antibacterial properties and fire retardancy to make the door scratch resistance to increase its longevity.

#4 Designer Door Laminates

Bloom door laminates are available in innovative designs making such structures look more attractive. The wooden doors using the laminates or plywood door laminates are especially made to protect it from moisture, sunlight and termites. Bloom made door laminates are comes with durability and available in different colors, size and shapes for different homes.

#5 Versatile Applicability

Door laminates has multiple applications making it one the most versatile laminates for your home. Yes it applicable to all types of residential and commercial projects including spaces such as bedroom doors, restroom doors, and front doors. All types of doors either for your office or for your home, these high pressure laminates has versatile applicability.


Doors are one of the most important part your building structure to make your living space safer. Bloom Dekor is one of the leading door laminate manufacturers in India with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities using the premium grade materials. Bloom door laminates are stain, scratch, impact, abrasion and fire resistant with antibacterial properties to give a high performance décor solutions to your residential house.

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