What are the Different Types of Laminates Manufactured by Bloom?

Laminates are playing a big role in making the home or office interiors more furnished and attractive. These are basically used to make the surface area more decorative and look sleek and furnished, giving your home or office a completely elegant look making the whole environment more pleasurable.

And, there are different types of laminates used as per the surface area, building space, or usability. Actually, laminates meant for commercial or office space use are quite different from home use in terms of durability, matching, and other features making them compatible for that particular space.

Laminates are not only made to make the spaces more decorative and attractive but also provide an additional protective layer to keep the surface area neat and clean. So, right here we will discuss about laminates, how it is made and various types of laminates manufactured by the companies like Bloom.

What are Laminates Made of?

Most commonly, laminates are made for making the finishing layers on plywood, wooden furniture, fly boards, wall panels and flooring laminate. It is a composite artificial material made by putting pressure together with the thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins. And finally the upper is printed with a style of decorative laminates to make it more attractive and beautiful.

How Laminates are Made?

Laminates are basically made of wood and plastic and the making process is quite critical and time taking. Actually, there are various stages where the laminate manufacturing process takes place. Starting with a base layer made of melamine plastic into the veneer sheets is used.

How Laminates are Made

Now, another layer called particle-board made of high-density fiberboard is used like a base layer containing the melamine helps to protect the sheet from moister. The third layer is Veneer Sheets is polished and looks more polished and showy.

Actually, this is the layer we can see and this decorative layer is printed with designs, patterns, grain-like tiles and stone. Though this is not the final top layer, another additional layer is added that durable, waterproof and protects against scratches and stains.

Once these layers are aligned and piled on top of each other they are kept under huge pressure under very high temperatures. To press these sheets hydraulic rams are used that technically apply great pressure on the entire layer of raw material at the temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, after stacking and pressing the laminate sheets are set to cool off at normal temperature. And at the last stage, laminate sheets are again stacked and given the finishing touch with the cutting of edges and finishing making them usable and read to fit for the installation at various applications.


Laminates are made as per the usability, thickness, properties, and applications at various types of spaces like a home, office or other commercial or residential places. You can find here below popular types of laminates manufactured by Bloom and other top laminates manufacturers.

Compact Laminates

Compact Laminates are long-lasting and durable types of laminate suitable for high-impact surfaces like elevators, toilet cubicles, lockers, kitchen countertops, vanity tops etc.

Compact Laminates

Made with a thickness ranging from 3 mm to 30 mm, Compact Laminates are self-supporting and can be glued to woods or any kind of similar material. Both sides of laminates have decorative surfaces and these compact laminates are self-supporting and don’t need to be attached with any other material.

Color Core Laminates

As the name resembles, color core laminates are made with single or solid colors that don’t have any print or patterns. Resistant to water, fire, scratch and impact provide a designer surface for home and commercial spaces, laminates are mainly used in kitchen countertops and bathroom areas.

Color Core Laminates

Color core laminates can be used in highly innovative ways to upstage their fundamental application for various spaces like countertop or desktop with cabinets, shelving, retail displays and work stations etc. Bloom Dekor is India’s leading Color Core Laminate manufacturer and supplier.

High-Pressure Laminates

Especially designed and developed for the surface having high pressure, yes high-pressure laminates or HPL are made for various spaces like home and offices, high-pressure laminates can be applied at bedrooms, cubicles, partitions, and living wall rooms.

HPL Laminate Sheets

HPL laminates are usually made with Kraft paper, with a layer of decorative paper and other solid material, to make the laminates more durable and reliable. Bloom is specialized in making the export quality high-pressure laminate board in various colors and sizes for interior and exterior use.

Interior Grade Laminates

Interior Grade Laminates are durable and long-lasting made for various interior applications like Home furniture, Doors, Shelves, tabletops, worktops, Counters, Vanity units, and Office partitions etc. It can give your house interiors a captivating look making the wall cladding, wall skirting, ceiling, indoor furniture and kitchen become amazingly stylish.

Interior Laminates

Compare to normal and regular laminates, these laminates are slightly different and more stylish with artistic design on the surface to make it more attractive and useful for the interior as well as the exterior surface of various dwellings. Bloom is making decorative and designer high-quality interior grade laminates for interior walls and other surface areas.

Exterior Grade Laminates

Exterior grade laminates are specially designed and manufactured for external wall cladding to provide extra strength to the wall with innovative colors and designs. It is preferred to use for keeping the external wall of buildings durable and weather resistant while making the exteriors attractive.

Exterior Laminates

Exterior grade laminates are made for outdoor terraces, balconies, lawns and other spaces. Actually, these spaces can be laminated with exterior grade compact laminates to give the household and commercial buildings a completely different and attractive look.

Chalk Grade Laminates

Chalk grade laminates are manufactured for chalkboard for smooth writing at schools, colleges, offices, restaurants, notice boards, etc. Chalk Board Laminates are specially made to provide the standard writing solution for educational institutions and learning centers.

Chalk Grade Laminates

Usually made with decorative surface papers with melamine resins and pressed over kraft paper core panels, Chalk laminate board provides the smooth writing surface for colored sketch pen or whiteboard marker pen with easy erasing and no ghost effects.

Marker Grade Laminates

Laminated Marker Grade Board is made for schools, offices, conference room, auditoriums, colleges and institutions to provide writing solutions on board. Made with a special type of synthetic polymers with a durable surface, Marker grade laminates are manufactured for the writing on the markup boards.

Marker Grade Laminates

Institutions using the writing board with marker prefer market grade laminates. Apart from making the content visible on the market board, market grade laminates are used that provide the smooth surface with durability to the entire marker board with easy cleaning of dry erase markers or wet-erase markers.

Cabinet Liner Laminates 

Cabinet Liner laminate is specially designed and developed for application to unexposed surfaces like wooden cabinets to give such structures a well-furnished look. As these laminate sheets have one side in a decorative solid color and the other side is sanded to facilitate bonding.

Cabinet Liner Laminates

These types of laminates can give your Cabinet Liner Laminates with more attractive and beautiful look with attractive lining and facing surfacing for shelves, drawers and cabinet doors. Bloom cabinet liner laminate is made from premium quality materials to cover the furniture shelf from dirt and scratches at the same time giving the entire cabinet a finished look.

Post-performing Laminates

Post formed laminate countertops are manufactured with laminate bonded to the particle-board backing. These types of laminates are made exclusively for usages on vertical and horizontal interior surfaces where laminates is applied to roll in a simple area over the edges of a substrate.

Post-performing Laminates

The typical use of postforming laminates includes countertops, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and desktops. Bloom Dekor is making the postforming laminates with premium quality and extraordinary designs available in various sizes for applications like countertops, furniture and executive tables etc.

Sizes of Laminates

Most laminates are available in sheets, panels and boards as per the space requirement. However, most of the laminates are available in size of sheets available is around 8 feet by 4 feet. And laminates wall panels are made in squares or rectangles in different sizes for different uses.

Latest Trend in Laminates

Though, all the above-mentioned laminates are in the trend and highly in demand in the market as per the requirement at various spaces. However, Color Core, High Pressure, and Compact Laminates are comparably high in demand, and Color Core is trending due to its texture and colored finishing touch.

“>Latest Trend in Laminates

And now the new range of laminates called veneer are also highly in trend due to low-cost and easy availability. But wooden laminates are more durable and suitable for various spaces, especially high-pressure areas where permanence and designer look both matters.

Bloom is one of the top 10 laminate brands in India, manufactured by Bloom Dekor. It is also one of the leading laminate manufacturer and exporter in more than 24 countries globally. Bloom Dekor is known for manufacturing designer and decorative laminates with expertise in supplying and exporting high-quality laminates door to US, UK, Europe and various other countries around the world.

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