Why Use High Pressure Laminates: Application & Advantages of HPL

High pressure laminate (HPL) can give your house building not only a well-furnished look but also provides an extra layer of protection with the ability to hold the pressure of heavy objects on the surface.

HPL laminates are specially designed and developed for the surface areas where high pressure objects are placed. You can choose from a wide range of laminates but HPL is designed and manufactured with an extraordinary quality to make it special. This can be best suitable for your building space, let’s find out why.

High Pressure Laminate Application

Mostly HPL is used at commercial spaces or the place where there is high pressure on the surface area. From benchtops to counters, HPL can be used for spaces like flooring, panels, countertops, and interior walls, with end-use applications in offices, schools, restaurants, airports, hospitals, shops, hotels, retail stores, and other commercial places.

Apart from these preferred spaces, HPL is used for various other commercial spaces where decoration is required with durability and high-resistance. HPL comes with variety and can be chosen for different building structures. As there are various benefits you need to know while choosing the right HPL for your home or offices.

Six Benefits of High Pressure Laminate

Benefits of High Pressure Laminate

As we already know HPL laminates are mainly designed and developed for commercial surfaces and spaces where heavy objects are placed. We need to understand why using high pressure laminates has various advantages that are discussed below.

#1 Provides High Durability

Durability is the top feature of the high pressure laminates. To bear the weight of high pressure objects it is made impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The surface areas like cabinet doors, reception areas, cubicles, and check-out stands are laminated with HPL to make them useful and attractive.

#2 Low Heat Conduction

Another benefit of using high pressure laminates is the conductivity of heat. Yes, it is neither become too hot during summers nor get too cold during the winters. You can install HPL at a place where temperature levels remain high to keep it protected from becoming warm or remains normal in extremely cold conditions.

#3 Moisture & Waterproof Resistance

Laminates are manufactured with additional layers of plastic sheets to make it waterproof. This feature is another advantage for the users to install the HPL at the surface areas where the moisture level is usually high. It is resistant to humidity and moisture suitable for spaces highly exposed to such an atmosphere.

#4 Stylish & Innovative Designs

Along with durability and extreme atmosphere resistance, if you are looking for modern and stylish laminate sheets, HPL is the best option you can choose. Manufactured in modern and innovative designs with a stylish look, HPL is available with wide-ranging options to match your favorite spaces like wall panels, furniture, cabinets, etc.

#5 Low and Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of high pressure laminate is easy to clean and maintain. You can use liquid cleaner and a sponge to remove the blemish on such laminates. Due to stain and heat resistance, HPL laminates are easy to clean using a microfiber or a glass cleaner. The maintenance of high pressure laminates is comparatively low, making it one of the preferred choices for the customers looking for surface need regular cleaning and maintenance.

#6 Versatile Applicability

The best advantage of HPL is that it can be used for different types of surface areas. Yes HPL is flexible to install vertically as well as horizontally at various places. You can use it at different shows, sizes and structures of spaces such as commercial as well as residential buildings having different types of customized requirements. You can use the HPL in spaces like walls, cupboard doors, partitions, shelving units, lobbies, and cubicles.

If you consider the high pressure laminate advantages you can see it could be the most versatile type of laminate that can be used for different spaces. It can give the most innovative look to your entire building with durability and a smooth surface.

Choose Bloom High Pressure Laminates for Your Building

Bloom Dekor is India’s leading manufacturers of all types of laminates including high-pressure laminates for commercial as well as residential buildings. We also make specialized types of laminates like color core laminates, compact laminates, interior & exterior laminates, postperforming laminates, marker & chalk-grade laminates.

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We are making high-quality laminates made with fine-grade materials at the lowest pricing. We are also exporting the laminates overseas with a presence in more than twenty nations. If you are looking to become the distributor, wholesaler, or supplier of our laminates you can get in touch with us, we will assist you with the best deals.

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